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  1. 1. False Echoes on Radar? -Multiple Echoes occur when a short range, strong echo is received from a ship, bridge, or breakwater. A second, a third or more echoes may be observed on the display at double, triple or other multiples of the actual range of the target.
  2. The following loop shows a region of AP; note the blue-gray region of echoes that forms then disappears southeast of Billings, MT. No precipitation was noted at KBIL, nor were showers or virga reported to the southeast KBIL Z KT 10SM BKN 04/M08 A RMK AO2 SLP ACSL DSNT N-E T
  3. T or F Mixer blades and other objects in the vessel can cause false echoes, and dust in the air above a granular solids surface may absorb the radar signal.
  4. AP and false echoes are one of the biggest enemies of the radar meteorologist. Those without experience in radar meteorology are often "burned" by AP and false echoes. AP is a false reflectivity echo on radar (a reflectivity echo that is NOT precipitation, especially echoes produced by unusual rates of refraction in the atmosphere).
  5. FALSE ECHOES Occasionally false echoes appear on the screen at positions where there is no target. In some cases the effects can be reduced or eliminated. The operator should familiarize himself or her- self with the appearance and effects of these false echoes, so as not to confuse them with echoes from legitimate contacts.
  6. Chasing false echoes like a lost legionnaire He waltzes on memories while he fades like a flare Now his storybook childhood was not make believe On the decks of a tall ship he was taught to achieve Witnessed storms and starvation natural wonders and force Oh the life of a sailor steers a wanderin' course Enduring echoes call out from his past.
  7. THE FALSE RADAR ECHOES DUE TO THE RADAR-MAST Many types of false radar echoes are observed on a ship-mounted radar scope, including side lobe echoes, interference echoes, second trace echoes, and others.
  8. The NWS office in Miami said at the time that strong temperature inversion caused the radar beam to bend toward the ground, where false echoes known as "anomalous propagation" were cgamtoggwortisuarnre.pifilkcentdubzewsramifornadivcale.infoinfo: Travis Fedschun.

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